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Setting alerts

You can use Alerts in your blogs. The standard alerts are:

  • For the blog owner, an alert when a comment is added.
  • For a blog reader, an alert when an entry is added.
  • For the blog reader, an alert when a blog is taken from public to private or when a reader no longer has access to a newly private blog.


Adding comment alerts

If you want to know when a comments is made to one of your blogs do the following:

  1. Click the Edit Blog button.
  2. In the Edit Your Blog window, under Permissions and Options, select the Manage AOL Alerts about your Blog tickbox.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, select the check box that activates the comment alert.


Adding entry alerts

At the top of your blog, as a reader sees it, is an Alert me when this Blog is updated button. When a reader clicks this button and confirms that he or she wishes to receive these alerts, an alert is sent to the reader each time you add an entry.


Adding public to private alerts

The alerts as to changes from public to private (or vice-versa) are automatically in operation.