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Working with a private blog

In most respects, working with a private blog is very similar to working with a public blog. You add entries in exactly the same way, you have the same choice of simple or custom design, and readers can submit comments if comments are allowed. There are two key considerations:

  • You add readers to a private blog, and only those readers have access.
  • You can change a private blog to a public blog (or vice-versa) at any time.


Adding readers

You can add readers to a private blog when:

  • You select the Add readers to your Blog tickbox.
  • You click on the Add readers link in your notification email.
  • You open your blog main page and you have no readers selected.

In all cases a form appears that allows you either to add readers individually or to select them from your address book. You can choose readers from the address book one at a time, or you can select them all.

Once readers have been selected, they are notified of your blog and its URL.


Changing back and forth from public to private

To change back and forth from a public to a private blog:

  1. On the main page of your blog, click Edit Blog.
  2. In the Permissions and Options section of the Edit Your Blog window, select the Make Blog public tick box (for a private blog) or the Make Blog private tick box (for a public blog).

When you switch from private to public, your readers are notified of the change. When you switch from public to private, readers who have not been selected as private blog users will notified that they do not have access to the blog.

If you decide to take a blog back from public to private, you are able to use your existing list of readers, and also to add to it as you see fit.