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Announcing your blog

When you click Next after assigning your blog to a community, a second page of the Create a Blog form appears. This gives you the following choices:

  • You can add your first entry.
  • You can tell your friends about your public blog or add readers to your private blog.
  • You can change your blog's address (URL).

If you've created a public blog and you select the Tell others about this Blog tick box, a new page opens. You can enter up to 50 screen names, either manually or by selecting them from your address book. An email is sent to each of them, announcing the name and location of your blog. You can also add to the bottom section with a description or other information. This is included in the email, which is sent when you click the send button.

After your message has gone out, you'll receive confirmation within the Create a Blog form. Click OK to proceed to your blog.

Note: Even though those without AOL screen names can read and comment on your blog, you can't send the announcement email to them. If you want to let them know about your blog, you'll have to inform them on your own.