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Update AOL Spyware Protection

Just like any virus scan software, it is vital to keep your AOL Spyware Protection software up to date. Adware and spyware are growing at a rate faster than viruses and more are added every day.

Manually check for updates

AOL Spyware Protection will automatically update the software, but you can manually check for updates as well.

Note: The AOL Safety and Security Centre updates automatically and does not offer manual updates at this time.

To manually check for updates with AOL Spyware Protection 2.0:

  1. Double-click the AOL Spyware Protection icon on the desktop. If there is no icon present, you can also launch AOL Spyware Protection by clicking the Start button, select Programs or All Programs, select AOL, then click AOL Spyware Protection.
  2. On the Spyware Protection Main page, click the Settings link.
  3. Click the Check Now button.

AOL Spyware Protection 2.0 also allows you to choose how to be notified when updates are available. On the Settings page, under Automatic Updates, please choose one of the following selections:

  • Install Updates automatically and notify me when Spyware protection is updated (recommended)
  • Notify me before checking any updates
  • Disable automatic updating and let me check for updates manually