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AOL Help: Uninstalling and reinstalling AOL software?

If you are experiencing problems with the AOL software (for example, persistent error messages), the software may have become corrupted. To fix this, you can uninstall the AOL software, then reinstall a fresh copy. Instructions for how to do this are as follows:

Uninstall AOL

  1. Save these steps in a text file or print them and close the AOL software.
  2. Click Start, Settings and select Control Panel. Windows XP users: Click Start and Control Panel. Double-click Add/Remove programs. Windows XP users: Click Change/Remove programs.
  3. Select AOL UK, then click Add/Remove or Change/Remove.
  4. In the version list, select the version or copy of the AOL software you want to remove, then click Next.
    Note: If you have downloaded files or saved email in your Personal Filing Cabinet (or the Saved on My PC folder if you are using AOL 9.0) that you wish to keep, make sure the Downloaded Files and Personal Filing Cabinet checkboxes are ticked. If they are, these files will be copied to new folders on your desktop for safekeeping.

  5. Follow all remaining on-screen prompts.

Reinstall AOL

  1. Insert an AOL CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. The installer should automatically launch after a few seconds. If it does not:
    - On the Windows Start menu, click Run.
    - Type: d:/setup (or e:/setup depending on the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive), then press Enter.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted, choose the Current Members option, then choose Adding your existing AOL account to this computer and click Next.
  4. Take note of the folder that AOL is being installed into and follow all remaining on-screen prompts.

Restore your backed-up AOL files

  1. Double-click the AOL Saved PFC folder on your desktop.
  2. Double-click the AOL folder corresponding to the version of AOL you uninstalled (if in doubt, choose the most recently created folder).
  3. Right-click the organize folder and click copy. If you are using AOL 9.0 open the organize folder and copy the entire contents.
  4. Find the folder containing your newly installed version of AOL. For example, double-click My Computer, then double-click your C drive and double-click Program Files. Right-click the appropriate folder (e.g. AOL 8.0) and choose Paste.
    If you are using AOL 9.0 double-click on the AOL 9.0 folder and locate the Shortcut to organize folder. Double-click this folder and paste the contents of your backup folder into this.
  5. When prompted whether you want to replace files, click Yes.