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AOL Help: What is an AOL Keyword?

Keywords are short words or phrases which give you a fast and easy way to get to information you want on AOL. Instead of having to click on screen after screen, all you have to do is type in the AOL Keyword and with one click you're there! Most areas of AOL have their own Keywords, so there are literally hundreds of Keywords to choose from.

You can use Keywords in any of three different ways:

  1. Sign on to AOL.
  2. By clicking on the Keyword or button at the top of your screen.
  3. By pressing the Ctrl and K keys at the same time.
  4. By typing a Keyword directly into the white box on the AOL toolbar, then pressing the Enter key.
    For example, try keying in FOOTBALL as a Keyword. Or Billing. Try it for yourself and see how easy it is!

Tip: If you don't know any AOL Keywords to try - just make one up! If no matching Keyword is found, you will be automatically redirected to an AOL Search page for the word or phrase you typed. So feel free to experiment -- for example, you could try a fairly broad Keyword like MUSIC, or a more specific one like THE BEATLES. The possibilities are endless!