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AOL Help: I'm moving house - what should I do?

To make sure your access to AOL remains uninterrupted when you move house, just sign-on to AOL and follow these instructions:

  1. Update your address details on your AOL account by going to AOL Keyword: Billing and clicking Name & Address. This can be done as soon as you know your new address.
  2. If you are an AOL Broadband or AOL Talk member: Complete a house move request at AOL Keyword: House Move. This is to ensure your AOL Broadband or AOL Talk service can transition to your new address smoothly. Ideally, this should be done approximately one month before you move, as it takes between 10-20 business days to process a house move request.
    If you are going to change your phone number when you move house, please make sure that you contact BT first, to obtain details of your new number.
  3. If you use AOL dial-up access: Update your AOL access numbers by going to AOL Keyword: Best Number and entering the telephone number of your NEW house. If possible, it is best to do this immediately before you move (e.g. the night before).