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AOL Help: How do I clear my AOL history trail?

Your AOL 'history trail' is an automatic record of the last 25 AOL areas and web sites you've visited.

It can be accessed using the 'drop-down' menu on the right of the white address bar at the top of your screen. This feature makes it easy for you to revisit sites you've been to before.

But if other people also use your computer and you'd prefer details of the sites you've visited not to be visible to them, you can easily delete the contents of this list.

To clear your AOL history trail:

  1. Sign on to AOL and go to AOL Keyword: Preferences.
    AOL 9.0 users: Click the Toolbar link on the Essentials tab.
    AOL 8.0 users: Click Toolbar & Sound.
  2. Click Clear History Trail Now.
  3. Click Yes.

On the same screen you can also choose to have your AOL history trail automatically cleared every time you sign off or switch screen names on AOL, for added privacy.