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Change your AIM expressions

When using AIM you can personalise your IM expressions such as buddy icon, buddy wallpaper, buddy sound, and smileys.

You can also select a one-click theme to match the icon, wallpaper, sounds and smileys. In addition, you can buy and display 3D animated SuperBuddy icons.

Change your AIM expressions

AIM expressions can be accessed from the internet at any time.

To change your AIM expressions:

  1. On the Buddy List window, click the Edit menu, then click Expressions.... This will take you to the AIM Expressions web page on the internet.

    Note: You can also click the Expressions link in the lower right corner of an open IM window.

  2. On the Expressions page, click the Change button beneath your buddy icon, wallpaper, sound, or smileys, select from the options provided, then click the Apply button.