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AOL Help: How much is the dial-up surcharge for each country?

There is a communications surcharge payable when dialling into AOL's international network of access numbers. All charges appear on your AOL bill and are calculated on a per-minute basis.

There are two different networks available, AOLnet and AOLGlobalnet.

Note: AOLGlobalnet numbers cannot be used for the first 60 days after you become an AOL member.

AOLnet: AOLnet access numbers are located in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada,
France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

All AOLnet numbers are charged at £2.50 per hour, with the following exceptions:
  • United Kingdom and Ireland: No charge for AOL UK members
  • United States toll-free (800) access number: £4.00 per hour
  • Canada toll-free (800) access number: £8.00 per hour
  • Australia access number: £16.00 per hour

AOLGlobalnet: The more extensive AOLGlobalnet network is accessible from over 100 countries, divided into "zones" as follows:

Zone 1: £4.00 per hour Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, Greece, Guam, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, Venezuela.

Zone 2: £6.00 per hour Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, Denmark, Dominica Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, French Guiana, Georgia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tanzania, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe.

Zone 3: £6.00 per hour American Samoa, Bahrain, Cameroon, Egypt, Fiji Islands, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Macau, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Mariana Islands, Thailand.

Zone 4
: £8.00 per hour Cape Verde, Cote d'Ivoire, Guadeloupe, Macedonia, Martinique, Moldova, Mozambique, Netherlands Antilles, Niger, Reunion Island, Togo.

Zone 5: £16.00 per hour Brazil and New Zealand, both with toll-free (800) access numbers.

Note: The presence of a country on this list does not guarantee that AOL access numbers are currently available in that country. To search for available AOL access numbers,sign-on and go to AOL Keyword: International Access. For more general information about AOL access numbers, go to AOL Keyword: Access.