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AOL Help: How do I change my price plan?

You can change to a different price plan by signing on to AOL then going to AOL Keyword: Pricing and selecting one of the available plans (AOL Anytime, AOL Broadband, etc.) depending on the option you wish to choose.
To view more information on any price plan, click Sign Up Now. You will lthen have the choice to accept or not.

NOTE: Price plan changes do not take effect until your next billing date. You will continue to be charged under your current plan until then. (Your 'billing date' is the monthly anniversary of the date you first registered with AOL. You can check your next billing date by signing on to AOL, going to Keyword: Billing and clicking View Current Bill Summary.)

For example, if your billing date is the 16th of every month, and you request a new price plan on 11 March, then your bill on 16 March will reflect your new plan. However, if you request a different price plan after 3pm GMT on 16 March, then your new plan will not take effect until 16 April.