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AOL Help: Will AOL ever ask me for billing details via email?

AOL will NEVER ask you for your billing information via email, Instant Message, or an online web site, and will NEVER, EVER ask you for your password.

If you are ever in any doubt as to the validity of a request for your billing information, we would suggest you sign-on to AOL and contact our staff at AOL Keyword: Live Help or by telephone as below.

If you have already divulged your payment details and/or password in response to an email you received, we would suggest you immediately choose a new password when you sign on to AOL at Keyword: Password and contact your bank/card issuer to prevent unauthorised use of your credit card.

Note: AOL may occasionally request you to update your billing information where we have been unable to charge your selected payment method (e.g. credit card). In such circumstances, you will be asked to update your information by signing on to AOL and visiting AOL Keyword: Billing or by calling AOL Member Services on 0870 3 20 20 20.