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AOL Help: How Much Does It Cost To Use AOL Abroad?

There are two ways of accessing AOL from outside the UK, both of which have different costs associated with them:

  1. Connect to AOL using a local Internet provider (or cybercafe) - in this case you will incur the charges of the local Internet service in question.
  2. Connect to AOL directly, using AOL's network of international access numbers, located in over 100 countries. Use of these numbers carries a communications surcharge of at least 2.50 an hour, depending on the country.
    Note: New AOL accounts cannot use international access numbers for the first 60 days.

    To view a list of AOL Access Numbers around the world click International Access Numbers. Please note that this is an AOL US site and displays surcharges in US dollars. For the equivalent charges for each country in pounds sterling, consult the communications surcharge page.