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AOL Talk Changes

At AOL Talk we are constantly reviewing our prices against current market rates, and consequently we are making some changes to the charges on your AOL Talk account as below.

Calling from a landline to a mobile
From 1 May we are changing the cost of calls from your AOL Talk home phone to mobile phones on the most popular networks.


Pence per minute
  Current rate Prices from 1 May 2007
Vodafone, Orange, O2 , T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile daytime 13p
evening 8p
weekends 5p
daytime 12.5p – saving 0.5p
evening 7.5p – saving 0.5p
weekends 4.5p – saving 0.5p
‘3’ daytime 20p
evening 14p
weekends 5p
daytime 20.5p
evening 15.5p
weekends 3.5p – saving 1.5p

Mobile Saver
Please note that, if you are a subscriber to the Mobile Saver package, your 25% discount on calls to major UK mobile networks will continue to be offset against the new prices. Please click here for more information on Mobile Saver.

0870 and 0845 numbers
From 1 May 2007 we are reducing the cost to call 0845 and 0870 numbers for the time bands highlighted below.


Pence per minute
  Current rate Prices from 1 May 2007
0870 xxx daytime 7.91p
evening 3.95p
weekends 1.5p
daytime 7p – saving 0.91p
evening 3.5p – saving 0.45p
weekends 1.5p
0845 xxx daytime 3.95p
evening 1p
weekends 1p
daytime 3p – saving 0.95p
evening 1p
weekends 0.5p – saving 0.5p

Connection fee
From 1 May 2007 a 3p connection fee will apply to all chargeable calls on all AOL Talk packages. Please note this connection fee applies only to chargeable calls, not calls included as part of your AOL Talk package.

Changes to Indirect Access (IDA) - calls with a prefix code
From 18 May 2007, calls that are prefixed with particular codes, (that route calls to other telecommunications providers), will be charged and billed at AOL Talk published rates and not, as previously, the other IDA providers’ rates. For more information about IDA and whether this applies to you, please click here.

Changes to billing
From 1 June 2007 chargeable calls will be rounded up to the nearest whole minute. This applies to national and local geographic calls, international, landline to mobile calls, premium service calls (e.g. 09001) and UK non-geographic calls (e.g. 0845 and 0870).

Whilst some aspects of the new charging represent a decrease in your call charges, some also represent a small increase. All other main terms of your AOL Talk agreement remain the same.

If you have any comments or questions about this change, you can contact us by going to AOL Keyword: Live Help, or you can call us on 0870 320 20 20 between 8am and 12 midnight. Calls to Member Services are free when made from your AOL Talk phone line.

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