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Switching your broadband to AOL is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

switching your broadband to AOL

  • is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Broadband Silver up to 2Mbps1 £14.99 a month More info AOL Broadband Silver Switch to AOL Broadband Silver

Special Offer: FREE wireless router worth over £55 - and one month free

Broadband Platinum up to 8Mbps2 £24.99 a month More info about AOL Broadband Platinum Switch to AOL Broadband Silver

Special Offer: Save month if you switch and get a FREE wireless router worth over £55 - and one month free

Switch to AOL Broadband with no interruption to your existing service and sit back and relax as we handle everything for you.

  1. Check to see if you are able to switch from your current Broadband provider. Click here to find their contact details.
  2. Call your current broadband provider to ask for your MAC code. What is a MAC code?
  3. Then either return here to order or call on 0800 200 6280.

No minimum contract when you bring your
own AOL supported modem

Show list of AOL Supported modemsMore info

If your modem/router does not appear on the list, AOL will supply you with a router worth over free of charge. Here, a minimum 12 month contract applies.

BT Voyager 50 BT Voyager 100 BT Voyager 105 BT Voyager 190
Speedtouch 330 Alcatel USB Netgear DG834 Netgear DG834G
Thomson Speedtouch 510 Thomson Speedtouch 545 Thomson Speedtouch 546 Thomson Speedtouch 570
Thomson Speedtouch 576 Thomson Speedtouch 580 Thomson Speedtouch 585  

Orders for all offers must be accepted by 01/04/07. Only available to existing broadband subscribers switching from their current broadband supplier to AOL using the Broadband Migration ("MAC") process. New members only.

  1. If your telephone line won’t support download speeds up to 2Mbps, we’ll offer you the best available speed on your line.  Standard costs still apply.
  2. Speeds offered will vary from 2 Mbps to 8 Mbps depending on where you live and technical factors, such as the quality of your telephone line.

No 12-month contract for customers who already have an AOL Broadband supported modem. Where customers need a modem, a free wireless router and installation pack will be supplied by AOL (worth over £55, excl p&p). Here a 12-month contract applies. This modem and installation pack must be returned if order is cancelled or rejected - charges apply where they are not returned.

Your free month will start upon transfer to AOL being completed. Your monthly subscription fee will be (i) £29.99 for AOL Broadband Platinum; or (ii) £14.99 for AOL Broadband Silver. Proportionate daily charges apply from the end of your free month to your first monthly payment date after the end of your free month.

Use of the Broadband Migration ("MAC") process, is subject to availability with your current broadband supplier. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. BT line required. Subject to local availability, survey and landlord's permission.
See important information.

A Cooling-off period applies. See AOL's Broadband Agreement.