Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements for AOL 9.0?

The minimum system requirements for installing AOL 9.0 on your PC are as follows:

Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows XP.
Processor: Pentium-class; minimum speed as recommended for your operating system (e.g. 266MHz or above for Windows XP)
RAM: 64 MB or above (128MB recommended).
Hard disk space: 128 MB or above
Screen resolution: 800x600 and 256 colours or greater
Connection: Any of the following: 28.8 Kbps modem or faster; Broadband (DSL or cable); ISDN; or TCP/IP (LAN connections)

Note: There are currently no plans to offer a version of AOL 9.0 compatible with Mac OS or Windows 95.

Does AOL 9.0 cost anything?

As with previous versions of the AOL software, there is no additional charge to upgrade to AOL 9.0.

Please note that any applicable telephone charges or communication surcharges will still apply as usual, for example if you are connecting to AOL via an 0845 access number, or via an access number outside the UK.

Also note that some of the optional new features available in AOL 9.0 (such as IM2Mobile) are "premium services" which carry an additional charge for their use. You will be notified of any such additional charges in advance and have the option to opt out of using such services.

Will AOL 9.0 work if I have firewall software?

Yes. Though if you have firewall software installed on your PC, you may need to make changes to your firewall configuration to ensure your use of AOL 9.0 is not affected.

Below is a full list of the AOL 9.0 software applications which interact with the Internet. You should ensure that your firewall allows access to these filenames (in bold). For full instructions on how to do this, please refer to your firewall software's documentation.

  • AOL: waol.exe
  • AOL Connectivity Service (ACS): AOLacsd.exe andacsd.exe
  • AOL Companion: companion.exe
  • AOL Dialler: AOLDialer.exe
  • Top Speed Web Acceleration technology: aolwbspd.exe
  • AOL Tray Icon: AOLTray.exe
  • AOL Internet Access Controls: spcauth.exe
  • AOL Embedded Media Player: AOLMediaPlaybackControl.exe
  • You've Got Pictures Screen Saver: ygpsstra.exe
  • AOL Coach player: AOlNySEV.exe
  • Real Media Player: realplay.exe
  • QuickTime software suite: qttask.exe, QuickTimePlayer.exe and QuickTimeUpdater.exe

When will AOL 9.0 CD-ROMs be available?

A free AOL 9.0 CD-ROM will be posted to all active AOL members during April and May 2004. If you wish to upgrade to AOL 9.0 in the meantime, you may download it from AOL Keyword: Upgrade.

Can I keep my current version of AOL?

Yes. Because the AOL 9.0 software is installed in a completely separate folder on your hard drive, it will not delete any older version(s) of AOL already installed on your computer.

Tip: If you have an adequate amount of space available on your hard drive, it is recommended that you keep another version of the AOL software present on your computer. If, for any reason, your new software does not function the way you expect it to, you will still be able to use your older version of the AOL software.

Why does it say I can't upgrade to AOL 9.0?

You may not have the system requirements to run the AOL 9.0 software on your computer. In particular, please note that AOL 9.0 is not compatible with Windows 95 or Macintosh computers.

Refer to the Technical Requirements to view the full list of requirements for your PC to run AOL 9.0.

What is the difference between AOL 9.0 Light Edition & Standard Edition?

If your PC has the recommended minimum of 128 megabytes of memory (RAM), you can install the AOL 9.0 'Standard Edition', which includes all of the features described at AOL Keyword: AOL 9.0.

If you have less than this recommended amount of memory (in other words, if you have between 64 and 127 MB of RAM) the 'AOL 9.0 Light Edition' (AOL 9.0 LE for short) will be installed instead, which has a small number of features disabled by default, in order to ensure the best performance of AOL 9.0 on your PC. The full list of features disabled in AOL 9.0 Light Edition is as follows:

  • SuperBuddies
  • Desktop Themes
  • Advanced Themes
  • Advanced IM Wallpaper
  • Toolbar QuickViews
  • Address Book QuickView

Once you have installed AOL 9.0, you can enable or disable any of these features (regardless of whether you are using the Standard or Light Edition) at AOL Keyword: Enhanced AOL Settings.