Register today to try AOL Quick Buddy™ and start exchanging personal messages instantly and privately with your online Buddies. It's FREE and easy!

If you have an AOL Instant Messenger (SM) (AIM) account, you don't have to register again; you can start using AOL Quick Buddy™ right away. Also, if you are an AOL member, your Screen Name is already reserved for you to use with AIM or AOL Quick Buddy, but you must register it.

To register, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Register on the Sign On screen, or click here.

    Your browser opens and takes you to the AOL Instant Messenger (SM) Sign On Web site.

  2. Enter your Screen Name, password (twice for confirmation), and email address in the appropriate fields if you are not an AOL member.

  3. Click the Click Here button to start the registration process.

    Note: If you are an AOL member and want to use your current Screen Name with AOL Quick Buddy™, click AOL, and follow screen instructions.

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