Adding a Buddy or Group

You can add up to 100 Buddies (friends, family, coworkers who are AOL, CS2000, AIM members) to your Buddy List. You can also group your Buddies according to interests.

To add a Buddy or group to your Buddy List, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Add from the Buddy List window.

    The Add Buddy window appears.

    Adding a Group:

    Enter the group name in the To add a group type new name here field. You must add at least one Buddy to the new group before closing the window.

    Adding a Buddy:

    Select the group to which you want to add your Buddy, and type your Buddy's Screen Name in the Buddy Name field.

  2. Click Add.

    AOL Quick Buddy™ updates your Buddy List to add the new Buddies or groups you specified. When your Buddies sign on, they appear in your Buddy List.

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