AIM for Palm - FAQs

Q: Which Palm handhelds are compatible with AIM 1.0?
A: AIM 1.0 requires a Palm handheld running Palm OS 3.0 and above. AIM 1.0 may not work with applications that modify the appearance or behaviour of the Palm OS.

Q: What connection methods are supported by AIM 1.0?
A: AIM for palm has been tested with 3Com's Palm III and Palm V modems. Other connection methods (for example, connecting a PC modem to the Palm's serial port, or connecting through a cellular modem) might work, but are not recommended or supported.

Q: How much RAM does AIM 1.0 require?
A: About 210K.

Q: Can I use AIM 1.0 on a Palm OS emulator?
A: Possibly. However, we do not support using AIM 1.0 in an emulated environment.

Q: How much does AIM 1.0 cost to use?
A: The AOL Instant Messenger (SM) service is free. However, you are still responsible for your connection to the Internet (e.g., via an ISP) as well as any associated telephone charges.

Q: How will I be notified of an incoming Instant Message?
A: In the upper right corner of the screen, an Instant Message icon flashes, alternating with the AOLlogo to notify you of a new IM or a new message update from an active IM. An audible tone will also be heard. Tap the icon to retrieve your new IM.

Q: How many Instant Message sessions can occur simultaneously?
A: AIM 1.0 currently supports up to 20 active sessions.

Q: How do I switch Instant Message sessions if I have more than one active session?
A: There is a drop down menu at the top of Instant Message screen which lists the Screen Names of all those who are Instant Messaging you. You simply tap on the Screen Name of which Instant Message session you wish to switch to.

Q: How can I insert a smiley into my Instant Message?
A: On the Instant Message screen, tap the Smiley icon to insert emoticons.

Q: Can I save frequently used words or phrases so I don't have to tap/graffiti the whole thing in every time?
A: Yes. Tap the Shortcuts icon to insert frequently used words or phrases stored in your handheld. (Select Shortcuts from your handheld's Preferences application to edit Shortcuts.)

Q: Can I add, delete, or rename Buddies and/or Groups on my handheld?
A: Yes, the Setup tab on the Buddy List screen allows you to add, delete or rename Buddies and/or Groups.