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AIM for Palm

AOL IM for Palm organisers brings the convenience and ease-of-use of AOL Instant Messenger to Palm handheld devices.

Now you can have access to your Buddy List at anytime from anywhere via your Palm. You can send and receive Instant Messages quickly and conveniently allowing you to be in contact when you need to be.

Some of the main features of AOL IM for the Palm are:

  • Send Instant Messages
  • Communicate "instantly" with family and friends - wherever you are.
  • Exchange important information with colleagues as quickly as if you were standing next to them.
  • Access your personalised Buddy List
  • Switch between as many as 20 simultaneous Instant Messaging sessions.
  • Set your Privacy Preferences to suit your needs. You have the ability to block Screen Names from seeing you online and from sending you an Instant Message.
  • There is a Buddy status icon which indicates Buddies arriving, leaving and active Instant Message sessions.
  • There are predefined sounds to indicate when your Buddies arrive or leave and when you receive an incoming message.
  • Enjoy the use of smilies and use the Palm's built in shortcuts for "canned" messages.


AOL Instant Messenger for Palm requires a Palm III, IIIe, IIIx, V and 356K of free RAM.

To install AOL Instant Messenger for Palm OS from a Windows system

  1. Copy AOLIM.prc to your PC.
  2. Double-click AOLIM.prc to add it to the list of files to be installed during your next HotSync. The Palm Install Tool appears. Click Done and then click OK to the message
  3. Place your Palm Handheld in its cradle and press the HotSync button. The install process takes a few minutes. A series of messages will appear on your monitor and your handheld. When the synchronisation is complete, the message window on your desktop computer disappears and your handheld confirms that the HotSync was successful.
  4. Remove the handheld from its cradle. Tap the Applications icon and verify that the AOL IM icon appears.