AIM User Guide for Siemens C55, M50, S55 and M55

Registering for AIM

To use AIM you must have a registered AIM screen name. If you have not used AIM before, you can register a screen name at

Signing on and Sign Off from AIM

Sign on to AIM to see and manage your Buddy List, as well as send and receive messages. Sign on can be made using more than one registered AIM screen name. AIM stores each screen name used so that they can be selected for future sign on. Signing onto AIM on one device automatically logs you off from any AIM session on another device. For example, if you are using AIM on your desktop computer and then sign on with the same AIM screen name on your mobile, the AIM session on your desktop computer is signed off.

Sign on

  1. Select AIM from the mobile’s Main menu. AIM’s Sign On screen displays. If Auto Sign On is activated, the Mobile Buddy List displays.
  2. Select Sign On. The AIM Sign On screen displays. For first time Sign On, New Name is the only option available. If you have signed on previously with several different AIM screen names, they appear on screen. You can select to Sign On with any one of these names.
  3. If you are a first time user, select New Name.
  4. Enter the new screen name, and select OK from the Options to confirm. A screen displays for entering your password.
  5. Enter the password and select OK from the Options to confirm. The service provider’s user Terms and Conditions display.
  6. Select OK to accept the service provider’s user Terms and Conditions. AIM’s user Terms and Conditions display.
  7. Select OK to accept AIM’s user Terms and Conditions. The Mobile Buddy List displays. The Mobile Buddy List is automatically created from a selection of up to 30 of your desktop computer buddies. A Mobile Buddy List Group is also created as a subgroup of your desktop computer Buddy List. If you do not have a desktop computer Buddy List, the Mobile Buddy List will be blank. You can create it using the Add Buddy feature.

Changing Auto Sign On

Auto-Sign on allows you to exit the application and then sign on to AIM without having to enter an AIM screen name and password (manual sign on). Normally Auto- Sign is active. If you want to alter this setting, follow these steps:

  1. Select Auto-Sign On from the Menu the Auto Sign On screen displays.
  2. Select Yes to enable Auto Sign On, or, Select No to disable the feature> If you disable Auto Sign On and then select Exit, when you sign on again this requires manually confirming your screen name and password.

Always Available — Leaving AIM but Staying Online

While logged into AIM, even if the browser is not being used or the mobile is turned off, you can continue to appear online to your buddies, and receive messages. If Auto Start is set at Yes, when you receive a new message, the system sends a Wakeup notification with an option for restarting AIM and viewing the new message. You continue to appear online to buddies, and receive messages. Select No to go offline to buddies and not to receive notification of new messages. To leave the application for AIM’s Opening Menu and go offline, select Sign Off. AIM’s Opening Menu displays. You appear offline to buddies, and cannot receive messages. ?To leave the application and sign on with another screen name, select Switch Name. A screen displays with a list of the different screen names you have used. You can select one of these names and sign on with it the screen name used previously goes offline. You also have the option of deleting screen names used for previous sign on.

Sending and Receiving Messages

Instant messaging to and from your Mobile Buddy List buddies is straightforward. The following pages explain how easily messages are sent and received.

To send an AIM message to a Mobile Buddy List member, follow these steps:

  1. Highlight a buddy, and press Select. A blank Conversation screen displays.
  2. Select Write. Enter your message. To edit the message, use the Clear softkey. You can use the phone’s pound key to toggle T9 Text Input on or off. You can also use the T9 softkey to access the mobile phone’s dictionary spelling suggestion list. In addition to accepting or rejecting the dictionary’s spelling suggestions, you can save words to the suggestion list.
  3. When done, select Send from the Options to send the message. AIM returns to the Conversation screen, and your message is displayed. It appears in red colored text, and it is marked with a < symbol.
  4. When your buddy replies, the reply appears below your message. Messages that you sent are colored red, and messages you received are colored blue. In addition, messages that you sent are indicated by a < symbol, and messages you received are indicated by a > symbol.
  5. To continue the chat select: ??Write, ??Enter a message, ??Send from the Options menu. Your reply displays beneath the buddy’s last message.
  6. To send an instant message to an AIM buddy who is not yet added to your Mobile Buddy List, select Send IM to from the Menu. Text entry fields for the screen name and message display. Enter the mobile buddy’s screen name, type in your message, and select Send to send the IM. If you prefer, you can also use this option as an alternative way to send messages to Mobile Buddy List members.

To receive an AIM message, follow these steps:

  1. An incoming message is indicated by a letter icon next to the sender’s name in your Mobile Buddy List, and the message sender’s name pops up beneath the List. In addition, this buddy’s name goes to the top of the List.
  2. Select Read to display the new AIM message.
  3. To reply to the message: ?Select Write, Type your reply, ??Select Send from the Options. Your reply is sent and displayed in the Conversation screen. Messages that you sent are colored red, and messages you received are colored blue. In addition, messages that you sent are indicated by a < symbol, and messages you received are indicated by a > symbol.
  4. If you send an AIM message to a non-buddy, and the nonbuddy replies, the Conversation screen Menu contains an option to ‘Add’ this non-buddy to your Mobile Buddy List. This option does not appear if your List is full.
  5. Conversations can be ended by pressing the phone’s End Key.

Blocking Messages

AIM contains an option for blocking messages from a particular buddy. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Highlight the buddy’s screen name on the Buddy List and select Block IMs from the Menu. Confirmation is requested for the Block IMs request.
  2. Select Yes to proceed to block instant messages from this buddy. No more instant messages are received from this buddy while the block setting remains active. The buddy appears as offline in your Buddy List.
  3. To cancel the Block Messages setting, highlight the buddy’s screen name and select Allow IMs from the Menu. A screen displays for canceling Block IMs.
  4. Select ‘Yes’ to allow IMs (remove the block) from this contact. The buddy appears online on your Buddy List, and messages can now be received.

Managing the Mobile Buddy List

The Mobile Buddy List displays the name and status for all online and offline buddies. This List can contain up to 30 contacts. You can also set alerts for particular buddies coming online, and view buddy information. You may want to use the AIM service on your computer to add or remove screen names from your Mobile Device group before using the AIM service on your wireless phone. It is easier to use the graphical user interface and keyboard of your computer than to type on your wireless phone's keypad.

Adding Buddies

Adding a buddy to the Mobile Buddy List is quick and uncomplicated. As long as you know the buddy’s screen name you can add him to your List. The steps involves are as follows:

  1. Select Add Buddy from the Menu. The Enter Screen Name page displays.
  2. Select Edit and enter the buddy’s screen name. Note: The AIM service ignores spaces in screen names. Therefore, when you are typing a screen name that is a compound word, such as “SpaceCadet” or “iscreamdog” using T9 Text Input, just press the RIGHT ARROW to insert a space between the words instead of compounding the word. The screen name will display as “Space Cadet” or “I scream dog.” The AIM service will ignore the spaces and interpret the screen name correctly
  3. Select OK from the Options. The screen name you entered displays.
  4. Select OK, the new buddy is added to the Mobile Buddy List, and is highlighted within the List.

Knowing When Buddies Come Online

To be informed when a certain buddy comes online, follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the buddy, and then select Alert Me from the Menu. The selected entry in the Mobile Buddy List is now marked with an Alert icon.
  2. As soon as this buddy goes online, you are informed via an SMS notification. In addition, the buddy’s screen name moves to the top of the Mobile Buddy List, and it pops up beneath the List. If sounds are enabled, there is also audio indication of the buddy coming online.
  3. To cancel the Alert, select the buddy, and then select Clear Alert from the Menu

Deleting a Buddy

To delete a buddy from your Mobile Buddy List, follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the buddy, and then select Delete User from the Menu. AIM asks for confirmation of the Delete Buddy request.
  2. Select ‘Yes’ to delete the buddy. The Mobile Buddy List displays and the deleted screen name no longer appears.

Getting Buddy Information

From the Mobile Buddy List, you can view information for any of the List members. Follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the buddy, and then select Get Buddy Info from the Menu. Details of the buddy’s screen name and availability display.
  2. Select OK to return to the Mobile Buddy List.

Away Message Feature

While logged into AIM, you might sometimes prefer not to have to respond to new messages for a certain period. Turning on the Away Message feature indicates to your buddies that you are away although not offline, and they should hold back from sending you messages. To set the Away Message status, follow these steps:

  1. From the Menu, select Away Message. The Away Message screen displays.
  2. Select On to enable Away Message. Select Off to cancel. If Away Message is turned on and you send an AIM message, Away Message is automatically turned off.

Getting Help

Help and information about AIM are available from your phone: For information on AIM features, select Help from the Menu. Information on the application features displays.