FAQs for Nokia 3650 and Nokia 7650s

Q. What is AIM for the Nokia 3650 and Nokia 7650 and how do I use it?

The AIM for the Nokia 3650, 7650 and 6600 enables you to communicate with other AIM users, whether your buddies are connected using a computer, a mobile or any other mobile device. Similar to the AIM client for desktop computers, you are able to determine whether your AIM contacts are online and available to receive messages, and you receive instant alerts when your contacts go online.

The message sending procedure could not be simpler:

  1. Highlight a buddy in the Mobile Buddy List, and select Write from the Options.
  2. Enter a message in the Enter Message field, and select Send to send the message.

Q. What do I need to do before I can start using AIM?

A. All that is required is a Nokia 3650, 7650 or 6600 and a valid AIM screen name. Screen names can be registered at www.aol.co.uk/aim. When you have registered a screen name, turn on your phone, and select AIM from the O2 Main Menu to launch the application.

Q. Do I have to enter my AIM screen name and password each time I login?

A. Only if you enjoy typing. Otherwise, select Auto Sign on from the Preferences menu and this information will be entered automatically.

Q. How do I add new buddies to my Mobile Buddy List?

A. To add new buddies to the Mobile Buddy List:

  1. Select Buddy List Setup form the Options menu, and then select Add.
  2. Enter the buddy’s screen name, and select OK to add the new buddy.

Q. How do I know if I have received a new message?

A. Arrival of a new message is indicated by the message sender’s name flashing in the Mobile Buddy List title bar, and by a letter icon appearing next to their name in the List. If AIM sounds are enabled, audio indication of new message arrival is also provided.

Q. What options are available for enhancing the instant messaging experience?

A. AIM saves you time typing by offering a range of pre-prepared Quick Texts to add to your messages. In addition, you can include colourful Smiley icons in messages.

Q. Can I use AIM in my language?

A. Yes! When you send AIM messages mobile and receive replies, you can use any of the languages that your mobile supports.

Q. Can I can leave AIM and return when a message arrives?

A. You can leave AIM to answer a call. When the call is over, select AIM from the mobiles Main menu to restart AIM. You can also select to Exit AIM, and have the application “Wake up” when a new message arrives.

Q. How can I view a buddy’s user information?

A. To view a buddy’s screen name and availability status, highlight the buddy, and then select Get Buddy Info from the Options.

Q. Is there a way to immediately know when a buddy comes online?

A. You can highlight a buddy screen name in the Mobile Buddy List and select Set Alert to receive a notification when this buddy comes online. In addition, if AIM Sounds are enabled buddies coming online are indicated by a distinctive tone.

Q. Can I turn off the AIM sounds?

A. If you do not want to hear the AIM sounds like the receipt of messages, the Preferences Menu includes an option to disable sounds.

Q. Can I be online but appear “Away” to my buddies?

A. With AIM you set how your status appears to your buddies. Select Away Message from the Options to indicate to buddies that you are not available to respond to messages for a certain period.

Q. How can I stop receiving messages from a certain buddy?

A. Highlight the buddy’s screen name, and then select Block IMs from the Buddy List setup menu. No more messages are received from this buddy while the block is in force.