Q: Why don't my AIM sounds work?
A: You might need to check your sound settings.

Windows: Go to the Sounds tab in AIM preferences. Make sure that there is a sound file associated with each event and that the sound events are all enabled. If no sound file is listed for one of the events, click Browse, and choose a sound in the Sounds directory in your AIM directory. If a sound file is already chosen for an event, click Browse, and select the sound file again from the Sounds directory inside the AIM directory.

If a sound file is listed but you don't get any sound when you click Preview, it is possible that the sound file is damaged. If checking your sound settings doesn't fix the problem, try reinstalling AIM as a last resort. If you don't have a sound card, choose the Beep option to allow AIM to use your PC internal speaker.

Macintosh: Make sure that you have the AIM application file inside the AIM folder. If you would like to launch AIM from your desktop, you can make an alias for the AIM application, and place that alias on the desktop. To make an alias, click the AIM application icon, click the File menu, and select Make Alias.

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Q: How do I add my own sounds to AIM?
A: Windows: Select the File menu, click Options, Edit Preferences, and then click the Sounds tab. You can browse your computer for .wav (sound) files and replace AIM sounds.

Macintosh: Copy the sound files (or aliases) to the folder: "AOL Instant Messenger:AIM Files:Sounds."

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Q: How can I control the sounds in the Chat Rooms?
A: Windows: In the chat room, select the View menu, click Edit Chat Preferences, and select Browse to locate and select the sound files you want played in the Chat rooms.

Macintosh: Select the Edit menu, click Preferences, and click Actions. Adjust your Sound settings.

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