Q: What should I do if I have forgotten my password?
A: When you enter an invalid password to sign on, AIM displays an error message indicating that you have entered the wrong password. Click on OK to acknowledge this and then on the sign-on window click Forgot Password? Your browser will then open the Forgot Password Web Site, where you can enter your Screen Name, and click for your password to be emailed to you.

Your password will be sent to the most current email address we have on record for your Screen Name. If you have changed your email address and did not notify the AIM system of that update, then your password will still be sent to your old email address. If this occurs and you are no longer able to access email at your old address, then there is no way for us to inform you of your AIM password. In this case, you must register another Screen Name by choosing "New User"on the Sign On screen, and then clicking Sign On. Therefore, if you are planning to change your email address, update your new address in AIM before you delete the old email account.

Also, if your AIM Screen Name is the same as your AOL Screen Name, then you can sign onto AOL with that Screen Name and go to Keyword: AIM PASSWORD.

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Q: Can you reset my password if I forget it?
A: No, your password cannot be reset. However, your password can be sent to you through email. Click Forgot Password when the password error message window is displayed after entering an incorrect password.

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Q: Can I change my password once I'm signed on to AIM?
A: Yes, you can change your password while you are signed on to AIM.

Windows: Click the File menu, select My Options, and select Change Password.

Macintosh: Select the Edit menu, and then select Account Options -> Password.

(AIM users who are also AOL users can change their AIM passwords through AOL by going to Keyword: AIMPassword.)

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Q: Why isn't my password working?
A: Unlike AOL, your AIM password is case-sensitive. That means that correct capitalisation is necessary. Make sure that the Caps Lock key is not on.

Also, if you share a Screen Name on both AIM and AOL, changing the password on AOL does not change it on AIM, and vice-versa.

You can have your password sent to your email address by visiting and clicking on "I forgot my password" to begin this process.

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