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Q: Why can't I send an Instant Message to one of my friends? AIM displays a message indicating that my friend is using unsupported software.
A: The person is probably using an old version of the Macintosh AOL software. AOL's Macintosh users must use AOL 3.0 (or later) to send Instant Messages to AIM users. Ask the AOL user to upgrade to the latest version of AOL at Keyword: UPGRADE. The upgrade is free to the AOL user (not including any telephone charges).

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Q: Why can't I send an Instant Message to someone I've blocked in my Buddy List?
A: This is an intentional feature of the AIM software. If you want to send a message to a user you have blocked, remove the block.

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Q: What can I do about someone I don't know who keeps sending me messages?
A: If you don't want to receive messages from the user, you can:

  • Add the user to your Block List under the Controls Preference.

  • Warn the user by clicking Warn on the Instant Message window or Chat Invitation window from the user. (See Warn topic.)

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Q: My Instant Message window is taking up the entire screen (seems to always be maximised).
A: Although the window appears to be maximised, it probably has just been sized very big instead of being actually maximised. Because it is not technically maximised, the way to fix it is different than if it were maximised. Take the following steps:

  1. At the top-right of the window, there are three buttons. The left one is Minimise and the right one is Close. The middle one will either be Maximise or Restore. If the middle button currently displays the word "Restore" when you move the mouse over it, then click the button once. If the middle button currently displays the word "Maximise" over it, then do not click the button.
  2. Now simply click on one of the sides or corners of the window and drag your mouse toward the centre of the screen to make the window smaller. That should fix the problem.

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