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Q: When I try to get files from a Mac AIM user, I get an error message that the other user is not accepting file transfer requests.
A: Make sure that the Mac user has enabled AIM file sharing, via the Start Sharing or File Sharing item in the Window menu, during his or her current AIM session. Also, make sure that in the other user's File Transfer preferences, the Access setting is not configured to block you from getting files.

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Q: I am not able to transfer files with one or more other users.
A: This may be due to the use of a firewall on your network. A firewall is a security device on your network to prevent potentially harmful data from coming in, and to prevent certain other data from going out. Depending on how a firewall is configured, it may prevent AIM file transfer from working. There is nothing AIM can do to get around this, as it is just the feature of the firewall working as it should. However, you may be able to get around the problem by entering a certain port number in AIM's File Transfer preferences. You will need to ask your network administrator if there is such a port that will allow AIM file transfer to work (there may not be).

Also, make sure that you both have the latest version of AIM.

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Q: What should I do when AIM displays the error message, "Memory is getting full," when I try to get a list of my Buddy's shared files? (Macintosh only)
A: You should do the following:

    1. Quit the AIM application.
    2. Click the AOL Instant Messenger (TM) application icon in the AOL Instant Messenger (TM) folder.
    3. Select the File menu, and click Get Info.
    4. Increase the memory sizes in the Minimum Size and Preferred Size fields in the Memory Requirements section of the AOL Instant Messenger (TM) Info window to approximately 5000 each.
    5. Close the AOL Instant Messenger (TM) Info window, and launch the AOL Instant Messenger (TM) application.

    Note: If AIM continues to display the error message, keep increasing the memory until the problem stops.

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Q: AIM crashes after receiving a file. (Macintosh only)
A: This may be due to the presence of an old version of the StuffIt Engine extension. Try upgrading to a newer version, available for free as part of StuffIt Expander, from http://www.aladdinsys.com/.

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