Automatic Operations

Q: How do I stop AIM from starting automatically when I start my computer?
A: Windows: Select the File menu, click Options, and click Edit Preferences,. Click the General tab, and uncheck Start AIM when Windows starts.

Macintosh: Select the Edit menu, and click Preferences. Click the General tab, and remove the check mark from the Launch AIM when I start my computer option.

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Q: How do I stop AIM from sending automatic responses to other users? / When I have not been active for a while and someone sends me an Instant Message, my computer automatically responds to the other person with an "auto-response" message, even though I have not set my Away option.
A: Go to the Away tab in Preferences, and uncheck Auto respond with message in the "When idle" section.

Q: What should I do when I'm having a conflict with the AIM menu bar icon and another application's menu bar icon ? (Macintosh only)
A: Make the AIM Menu extension load last, after your other extensions. Extensions load in alphabetical order, so if you rename the "AIM Menu" extension to something like "~AIM Menu", it loads last. Your extensions are located in the "System Folder:Extensions" folder.

You can also disable it via the Utility Menu checkbox in General Preferences.

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Q: What should I do if my Away message is not being sent out when I set myself as Away? (Windows only)
A: Check your Away Preference settings, and make sure that you have the Auto respond and insert in personal profile option enabled.

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