The White List Explained

AOL has developed Solicited Bulk Mailing Guidelines to aid users with their online marketing campaigns and also simultaneously protect our member base from email abuse. If you believe your organisation can adhere to the guidelines below, fill out the Feedback Form and we will evaluate your mailing patterns to see if you qualify for White List status.

Technical Guidelines:

  • All email must be RFC compliant. (Refer to
  • All email servers connecting to AOL's relay servers must have valid reverse DNS entries (i.e. all sending IP addresses must have active corresponding domain names in DNS).
  • All email servers connecting to AOL's mail servers must be secured to prevent unauthorised use (servers may not be open proxies, routers, or relays).
  • Connections from dynamically assigned IP addresses (dial-up accounts) will not be accepted to AOL's relay servers.
  • Organisations may not hardcode AOL's MX records into their configuration files.
  • Organisations must immediately unsubscribe any AOL email addresses that receive a permanent failure email bounce from AOL's mailer-daemon.