AOL Members' Frequently Asked Questions

This page attempts to answer the most common questions members may have about receiving email at their AOL accounts.

If your question is not listed here, please go to AOL Keyword: Spam and AOL Keyword: Email Controls or contact Member Services.

If you are an external mailer and have questions, or would like more technical information about how mailing to AOL works, please check the Technical Email Standards and Guidelines.

I don't seem to be getting email someone else is sending me.

If the sender is sending email from an AOL address, please have them contact Member Services for help.

If the sender is not another AOL member, please ask the sender of the email to review our Guidelines and Technical Email Standards.

Why am I receiving so much spam?

If you have visited a chat room or other public area, it is possible for spammers to have obtained your Screen Name from that area. Unfortunately, spammers also guess email addresses. If you report these emails to AOL, we will investigate and add the details to our filters.

Tip: To help avoid this, you could create a separate AOL Screen Name for use in public areas by going to AOL Keyword: Screen Names. (AOL allows you to have up to seven Screen Names per account - in other words, seven separate email addresses.)

How can I block emails from being sent to me?

Go to AOL Keyword: Email Controls and set your own email controls. This area allows you to select certain control options that are available to you.

If you have any questions about email controls, contact Member Services for help.

How do I report spam to AOL?

Users of AOL 8.0 and above can simply use the Report Spam button in their mailbox to notify AOL of spam and other unwanted email.

For users of previous versions of AOL, we have a number of dedicated teams for different kinds of spam, so we offer various email addresses to ensure that the report is investigated immediately. Simply forward the email in question to one of the following Screen Names:

  • Any kind of Internet email should be reported to COSMAIL1 or COSMAIL2.
  • Spam from another AOL member should be reported to COSUK.

I am a parent and don't want my children to receive spam. What can I do?

Simply create a separate Screen Name for use by your child (each AOL account can have up to seven Screen Names). You can do this at AOL Keyword: Screen Names.

Then use AOL's renowned Parental Controls to specify exactly whom you wish your child to receive email from. Go to AOL Keyword: Parental Controls and set controls for your child's Screen Name to block all email except from friends and family members, for example.