AOL UK Accessibility Policy


AOL is continuing to lead efforts around the globe to make the Internet a medium that improves people's lives.

At AOL UK, we value our members and strive to provide them with the highest quality, easiest, and most convenient services and products.

We also believe that the Internet and AOL should be friendly and easy to use for all consumers, including those with disabilities.

In that spirit, we have developed an AOL Accessibility Policy for the UK that builds upon the work of our parent company, America Online Inc and expresses our commitment to the development of a service that is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Our policy is founded on three fundamental principles:

  •  Awareness
  •  Responsibility
  •  Collaboration


We believe that it is essential for our employees to be informed about the challenges faced by disabled users of the Internet and the technologies available to improve the user experience. We are raising the awareness of employees with respect to accessibility issues through the following practices:

  •  We provide our employees with information describing the challenges faced by members of the disability community when attempting to access software applications and information technologies.
  •  We educate our employees with respect to how assistive technologies can help disabled users access software applications and information technologies.
  •  We will distribute to employees, and post on the AOL Web site, the AOL Accessibility Policy.

Responsibility: for Developing Accessible Products and Services.

At AOL, we are integrating accessibility considerations into services.

  •  We have designated an employee to serve as an accessibility officer.
  •  We have established a product development Accessibility Checklist. The checklist enables designers and publishers to identify important access issues when designing new products and services.
  •  Adhering to and furthering this accessibility policy will be a part of the evaluation of the job performances of relevant AOL employees.


AOL values feedback from members of the disability community. We have worked closely with consultants who are themselves disabled and who are experts on accessibility issues presented by computer software applications and information technology. In addition, we have reached out to members of the disability community to seek their input on accessibility issues and their feedback on AOL products and services. We collaborate with the disability community by:

  •  Participating in national and international accessibility initiatives.
  •  Establishing the AOL Accessibility Advisory Committee, which will be composed of invited members of the disability community and AOL employees in the US. This committee will meet on a regular basis and provide strategic advice and counsel to AOL on disability and accessibility issues and report to the Accessibility Officer.
  •  Providing information to our disabled members on how best to access our products and services.