AOL Keyword Guidelines

These are Keyword Guidelines for content distribution agreements

Print / Graphic

  • Required treatment: (AOL Logo appears) AOL Keyword: Golf or AOL Keyword: Golf
  • AOL must be used (America Online is not spelled out)
  • Capitalization - AOL must appear in caps only. Note: K of Keyword must always be capitalized
  • Font, Font style and Size must all be consistent
  • Listing size must be of equal prominence to that of any/all other URLs featured
  • Equal prominence applies to size, voice-over support and length of listings
  • Listings must be no less than inch in height

Television / Radio

  • "AOL Keyword" must be announced fully. Example voiceover would read:
    "For more information, please visit AOL Keyword: Golf"
  • Television listing must represent at least 28 scan lines
  • Radio mention must be at least :03 in length
  • AOL must approve all uses prior to usage

Logo Usage Guidelines

Not Allowed:

  • No color gradients
  • No "filled" icons (must be solid)
  • No different colors for logo and the copy (must be all the same color)
  • No words/copy on top of the logo or logo
  • No script writing of "AOL" used alone without logo
  • No adaptations of the icon or logo (i.e., don't turn it into a mountain or Xmas tree)
  • No AOL in all lower case letters (use only all caps)
  • No turning logo or "AOL Keyword" on its side, upside down, etc.
  • No changing the proportion of the logo
  • No "deforming" the logo (stretching it out or making it "skinny")
  • No giving the logo structural dimension or "blurring" the logo

Registration Marks

Must have small registration marks () at the right-hand tip of the logo

Approved Colours

  • black
  • (reversed-out) white
  • PMS 534 blue
  • PMS 286 blue
  • Reflex blue
  • PMS 123 yellow
  • PMS 2617 purple