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Notice of Unlawful Content available on AOL and Request for its Removal

If you believe that unlawful content (e.g., defamatory statements, copyright and/or trademark infringing materials, etc.) have been made available on AOL, you may notify us by providing the following information:

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Clearly provide details of the specific content that you allege to be unlawful and why you believe it to be unlawful. If you are complaining of defamatory statements, please provide an explanation as to which specific statements you believe are defamatory and why. If you are complaining of infringement of other intellectual property rights, please describe the specific intellectual property at issue and why you consider that infringement has occurred:
Please note:
By submitting this complaint, you represent that you have reviewed the material you are reporting and believe in good faith that the material is unlawful and should be removed. You represent that you are the injured party (e.g., the defamed party, the copyright and/or trademark owner, etc.) authorised to make this complaint and that the above statements are true.