Report Unlawful Content

How to notify us of unlawful content available on AOL and request for its removal

AOL respects the rights of others and we ask that our members and partners to do the same. If you believe that there is unlawful content which infringes your rights (e.g., copyright, trademark, or is defamatory) on AOL, you may notify us by providing the information set out below. If you do not provide us with sufficient information, we may be unable to process your complaint.

  1. A clear description of the allegedly unlawful content and an explanation of why you believe it to be unlawful.
  2. Identification of the URL or other information which will enable AOL to locate the material of concern.
  3. Your name, address, telephone number, and email address. We will use this information to contact you if we require further information or assistance from you.
  4. A statement by you that the information provided by you is accurate, that you have the right to make the complaint (e.g., you are the owner of Intellectual Property rights that are being infringed), and that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorised.
  5. If your complaint is in relation to a defamatory statement, we will require a statement that you have reviewed the offending material and concluded in good faith that the material is untrue and harmful to your reputation.

Please note that all AOL members should go to AOL Keyword: Notify to report claims of unlawful content on AOL.

If you are a non-AOL member wishing to notify us of unlawful content on AOL, you may contact us by the methods set out below. AOL strongly recommends that you us the web form as this is the quickest method for us to receive your complaint.

By web form:
Use the web form: Notice of Unlawful Content Web Form.

By email:
You can email the above material to

By mail:
AOL Legal Team
AOL (UK) Ltd
Shropshire House
11-20 Capper Street